Wednesday, October 6, 2010

School Photoshoot

I was asked if I could do a last minute shoot in a school with the pictures for some collaterals to be printed, and I agreed, and here are some of the pictures which were shot over 3 days as they had to arrange for different groups of teachers and students for the shoot.

During the shoot, I got to know the art director, and when he asked if I brought my lights, and I told him I did. He looked a bit puzzled, and I told him that I am using speedlights... "Why carry huge lighting equipment when small speedlights would do the job?" I said.

When the art director saw the results of the shots, he was impressed with what small speedlights can do.

In most of the shots, I used 2 speedlights, one on the left, and one on the right, with reflective white umbrellas.  The key is to expose for the background first before adjusting the lights to light the subjects.

For the student portraits (top 2 pictures), I used one speedlight to light the background, and one on the right of the subject (with white reflective umbrella) to light the subject.

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