Sunday, January 10, 2010

PT-04 Flash Triggers for Nikon

I was in Hong Kong recently, and decided to get the PT-04 to try out. I used to own the PT-02s but found them not very reliable. So far, the PT-04s seem to be more reliable than the PT-02s.

Based on the specifications, the triggers operates on 433MHz radio frequency.  There are 4 channels, and works for shutter speeds up to 1/250s.  The transmitter uses the 23A 12V battery, and the receiver a pair of AAA batteries.

Apparently, there are different versions of the PT-04 in terms of outward design, and I chose this version for the following reasons:

1. It is small.
2. The receiver is thin and a flash can mount on it without it being too high.
3. There is a hotshoe mount at the base of the receiver.
4. There is an umbrella holder.

One thing I like about this trigger is that I can mount it with a flash stand and a flash on top of it and uses it easily on a table for product shoots.  I can also replace the flash stand with a clamp and clamp it on a shelf or cupboard, etc.

With a built in umbrella holder, you have more options now.

All in all, I like these PT-04s, and they are also very inexpensive.

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