Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Photoshoot: J&C Pre-Wedding

It has been such a hectic and busy time lately... but having a pre-wedding shoot was a nice change in a busy work schedule. My friend Yap asked if I could join him and another friend to do a pre-wedding shoot, and I gladly agreed... and we turned a small Nonya restaurant along East Coast Road into a tiny photo studio.

After arriving, we checked out the place, and the place was filled with tables and pretty cramped... so I decided to clear a section of their dining area at the 2nd floor. We shifted the tables and had a section nearest to the window. We set up the lights and were ready to go!

In the portrait orientation picture, I used two lights. Because the windows on the picture left provided a strong light from the outside (it was already about noon time), I had to balance that light with a light on the picture right with a bounced umbrella.

Before shooting, I noiced that the half-height wall below the windows on the left gave a shadow and the forground nearest to the window was pretty dark. A light was then placed on the ground near the window on the left and bounced off a silver reflector to open up the shadows... and the end result is the picture you see.

The landscape orientation picture was using only one light to light the bride. You can see the rest of the pre-wedding shoot pictures here.


  1. I really like your photos, I am a student in photography (a beginner one) and I am not so good in portraiture. I was searching on google something related to "shoot through umbrellas" and I found out your blog. It is very interesting and I really appreciate the indications you wrote!

  2. Thanks Maria. Keep learning and shooting :) There is always something new to learn in photography!