Friday, August 7, 2009

PT04 version 3 Wireless Flash Trigger

The PT04 is an OEM product from China and is marketed as various brands, but it is still the same thing.

Recently, I saw Artworkphoto selling a new version of the PT04, version 3, and it has a very good design to it, as you can see in the picture. By making the device flatter, the flash that sits on it would not be farther from the center of an umbrella. They have also placed a simple umbrella holder at the side, which now opens up new possibilities.

I personally like this design, but is still unsure of the reliability. I used to have a pair of them and they were not very reliable. I wonder if this new version would be improved.

Here is the link to Artworkphoto's page of the PT04 III.


  1. The usual list of compatible nikon flash for pt-04 triggers exclude sb-80dx. Are they really incompatible? How does version 3 differs with version 2? Please help, Ty

  2. I've also noticed that it often excludes SB-80DX. I personally have SB-80DX and if I get my hands on these triggers, I'll definately test them out. Theoratically, it should work on the SB-80DX.

    I'm just waiting for my next trip to Hong Kong to buy these new triggers. I've used the older versions and they have not proven reliable, so I'm interested to see how the new ones perform.

  3. I just got a pair of this in Hong Kong and have tested them... and they work with the SB-80DX.

  4. but how good are they?

  5. So far, I'm finding this pretty good. I went on a photo trip to Thailand in Jan, and was using this for my shoots, and they have proved to be reliable.

  6. Can this work with other version? Pt-04ne,s, c......