Monday, July 6, 2009

Photoshoot: Z2H6 Band 'Beyond Saving'

Went out yesterday to Punggol again... but this time to shoot the Z2H6 bands. It was raining much worse yesterday, and once again, we could not shoot at the water's edge... so, the wet weather contingency kicked in, and we went to shoot under an LRT (Light Rail Transit) track.

I decided to try something new, so I placed a full CTO gel on the flash, and placed it in a reflective umbrella... adjusted my white balance on the camera to about 3050K and took the shot. I wanted to create a background that is more blueish and kind of surreal.

Here is a picture of a shot I took of the drummer from the band 'Beyond Saving'. Kind of like the bluish tinge in the background while maintaining the proper skin tones.

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