Monday, June 29, 2009

Photoshoot: Z2H6 Instructors

Went to shoot the Zero to Hero season 6 instructors yesterday, and once again, it was a learning experience. When we arrived at Punggol, it was raining. We thought we had to cancel the shoot, but looking at the sky, it did not look so threatening... so we waited. At 5pm, the rain stopped! Hallelujah!

The initial location we wanted to shoot was near the pier and waters edge, but my friend James found another location, so we all went there to shoot. I took the group shots first, thinking that I wanted to have the sun as part of my background... only to discover that my off-camera flashes were not exactly powerful enough to overpower the background sun... but as the sun began to set, it got better.

Hmmm... is it time to get the Alien Bees?

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