Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Portrait of Jayne

Went shooting with Yapster and his friend Jayne last year at the Chinese Garden, and took some portraits of Jayne. This was the 1st time going shooting with Yapster, and he's a great guy! We brought our gears and lugged it around Chinese Garden... and at the end, we decided that the next time we go shoot, we'll share our equipment so individually, we don't have to bring so many things along.

In this shot of Jayne, the sun was shining from the picture left. A silver reflective umbrella flash was used on the picture right and a shoot through umbrella flash from the lower front of the subject. I was using my 85mm f/1.4 lens @ f/2.8 for this shot. I love that lens!

We realized that shooting alone is not easy with strobbing gear, and having an assistant was almost an essential thing to have. So, when Yap tooks the shots, I assisted him, and when I took the shots, he assisted me. I also realized that having someone who knows his stuff to assist really makes a difference as there is already a common understanding of lighting. I took a few steps back in one of our shots and captured this picture of our set up at that particular location.

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