Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Expressions: Keith and Lydia

I decided to so a simple series where by I get people to do different expressions with their faces, capturing them, and editing tem to become black and white photos, all in landscape orientation. It is just a fun thing to do. I asked Lydia if she would do it, and she agreed... and I asked Keith to help me during the shoot, and he agreed... and I ended up shooting both Lydia and Keith!

I was thinking of how to do this shoot, and I decided to use 3 strobes for it. I wanted to do a hair light, but I did not have any softbox for it, so during lunch time, I went down to Alan Photo at Funan to purchase a 50cm x 50cm softbox for $90. It comes with a speedring, and a speedlight mount. It is a made in China thing, but it did the job for hair lights.

I also used the umbrella softbox I bought recently to my left, and a bounce white umbrella with a silver inner lining to my right. Here are 2 shots from the shoot... and you can check out the rest of the shoot at the following links...

Expressions: Keith (11 Mar 09)
Expressions: Lydia (11 Mar 09)
Keith and Lydia (11 Mar 09)

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