Friday, February 20, 2009

Street shooting and HDR

Went and did some street shooting with Yapster today (no strobbing stuff in this post) after taking a trip to Nikon Service Center to clean Yapster's D700 sensor. It is interesting to see Yapster do street shooting, and he has an eye to look out for people and things around and capture that moment. A few times I missed a photo opportunity, but he got it!

We also took a trip to Funan and the Peninsular area City Hall MRT, where many camera shops are located. Went to John 3:16 Photo Supplies to inform Samuel that some of my friends would be coming later as Carissa would like to get a D300 for her birthday... Happy birthday Carissa!

Well, I'm new to HDR (High Dynamic Range imaging), and Yapster taught me how to do it. Taking 3 shots using handheld exposure bracketing of -1, 0 and +1, it forms the 3 files to go back and do some HDR editing... and this is one of the pictures of my first attempt at HDR.

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