Sunday, February 22, 2009

DIY Flash Diffuser - A Step-by-step Guide

I like to DIY stuff, and in reality, there are many things we can DIY. I bought a Demb Flash Diffuser and looking at it, I believe it could be DIYed... so I went out in search of the stuff to do it... and here it is... a step-by-step guide...

Things to buy

1. Clips (Popular Bookstore - $2.15)

2. Velcro with adhesive side (Popular Bookstore - $2.70)

3. Card case B7 (Note: This is optional... You do not need to buy this and can just insert a card into the clip)

4. Elastic band

Putting it all together

A. Cut velcro to desired length and a short piece of elastic band.

B. Stick elastic band to the velcro

C. Completed velcro band with elastic (It is advisible if you can stitch it together with needle and thread so that it holds better and does not just rely on the sticky part of the velcro.)

D. Put white paper in the card case

E. Elastic band around the flash (I'm using a SB-600 here)

F. Place card case with paper into the clip (Note: You can place any bounce material that you desire into the clip)

G. SB600 with flash diffuser

H. Cut a piece of Ikea drawer lining and stick velcro on it.

I. Completed project

Here is a sample picture using the DIY flash diffuser...

Recently, a friend of mine bought a PRESSlite VerteX, and I was pretty impressed by it. This is one device that would be tough to DIY.


  1. would be nice if there comparison for this DIY diffuser w/ no diffuser.